PEOPLE WRITE FOR A LOT OF REASONS. Mine is so I don’t get lost — in the tangle of my own thoughts or in a society where things happen at what feels like the speed of light.

No explanation has ever captured my reasoning quite so well as this: “I don’t know what I think until I see what I say.” Like many wise words, the quote has been attributed to E.M. Forster, Flannery O’Conner and who knows who else.

As far as “seeing what I say,” nothing helps me navigate like telling stories. Every day, I have the honor of doing exactly that for the Indianapolis community. Interview by interview and paragraph by paragraph, I do my best to show how the people and philosophies behind the arts and culture build, challenge and beautify Central Indiana.

At the links above, you’ll find my favorite stories and what I think is my best work across more than six years of reporting in Indiana, first for the Lafayette (Ind.) Journal & Courier and now for the Indianapolis Star. For good measure, I threw in a fun column from my previous days on the sports copy desk at the Kansas City Star.

And if you have time, stop in here for The IndianapoLIST (click “preview” to see the most recent edition). It’s IndyStar’s weekly Things to Do newsletter that I curate and write from the stories my colleagues and I publish.

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