Personal columns

As reporters do, I write stories, narratives and in-depth analyses and keep my opinion out of it. But occasionally, an opportunity arises to compose a first-person piece. Here are a few that have been published.

– Photo: IndyStar in print

“I was an Ikea opening-weekend shopping warrior. Here is my advice to you, Fishers.”

  • You can’t have an Ikea open in your city and not pass on advice about people-watching and ogling kitchens.
  • (IndyStar, 10.08.17)
    PDF || Online link

“Lessons learned during The Drought make Royals’ success even sweeter”

  • When my Kansas City Royals made the postseason for the first time in 29 years, I had some feelings.
  • (Kansas City Star, 10.04.14)
    PDF || Online link
– Photo: KC Star in print

“My view on the Exponent’s column buzz”

  • I responded to a controversial student column that slammed Purdue Convocations and called downtown Lafayette “10 blocks of bars, meth labs and 55-year-old alcoholics on mopeds.”
  • (Journal & Courier, 12.04.15)
    PDF || Online link

Photo: From the print version of the Journal & Courier

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