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This is some of my favorite work while reporting at the Indianapolis Star and Lafayette (Ind.) Journal & Courier. Stories that won awards are noted with a caret (^).

Neighborhoods and gentrification

Art’s place in revitalizaton — sometimes seen as positive or negative — is a nuanced, sensitive topic in Indianapolis. Here’s how I’ve covered it in several different neighborhoods.

Photo: From the IndyStar print edition on 10.29.17

  • “Neighborhood near Mass Ave. welcomes renaissance but worries about what it could lose”
    (IndyStar, 12.17.18) PDF || Online link
  • ^ “How a couple turned an old ‘meth house’ in Mars Hill into a neighborhood arts center”
    (IndyStar, 07.19.18) PDF || Online link
  • ^ “‘Fountain Square might as well be Broad Ripple'”: Why artists say the quirky hub changed”
    (IndyStar, 10.29.17) PDF || Online link

Local history and how it matters today

I’ve signed up to be a purveyor of quirky any time I can because Indiana is a rich repository of wild tales.

Photo: From the IndyStar print edition on 08.06.17

  • ^ “112-year-old mystery solved? Indiana madam may have inspired famous song”
    (IndyStar, 08.03.17) PDF || Online link
  • “Indy 500: The surprising history of ‘(Back Home Again in) Indiana’ and everyone who sang it”
    (IndyStar, 05.16.19) PDF || Online link
  • “This ‘jealous mistress’ Stradivarius violin was owned by an Indy 500 driver. Who’s next?”
    (IndyStar, 09.04.18) PDF || Online link
  • ^ “5 cool secrets that were hidden in the Mass Ave. Coca-Cola plant for decades”
    (IndyStar, 08.12.17) PDF || Online link

Dining and farming in Lafayette

Even in a state known for farming, plenty of issues abound for those trying to grow the farm-to-table movement. Here’s a sample of how I covered local restaurants and farms in Greater Lafayette.

Photo: Vegetables grew in a hydroponic system indoors during the winter on a farm I visited outside Lafayette, Indiana.

  • ^ Two-part series on downtown dining challenges and successes: “Restaurant closures prompt questions” and “What downtown menus work best?” (Journal & Courier, 03.03.17)
    Part 1 PDF | Part 1 online link || Part 2 PDF | Part 2 online link
  • “Town & Gown Bistro brings new life to an old spot”
    (Journal & Courier, 04.08.15) PDF || Online link
  • Two-part series on the winter vegetable market: “Sweet veggies shine at local eateries” and “Food businesses struggle with supply and demand” (Journal & Courier, 03.04.16)
    Part 1 PDF | Part 1 online link || Part 2 PDF | Part 2 online link

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