Profiles & people

Obtaining someone’s permission to write about their life, especially the most difficult part of it, is an honor. Several of the stories below grew out of high-trust relationships. Profiles that won awards are noted with a caret (^).

In-depth profiles

^ “A teacher shot heroin 500 days in a row. His passion for theater helped him get clean.”
(IndyStar, 02.28.18)
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“‘This is who I am.’ Kids taunted him for having cerebral palsy. Then he found his talent.”
(IndyStar, 04.25.19)
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^ “She was told to look more like the ‘Little Mermaid.’ Years later, she still weighs food”
(IndyStar, 02.07.19)
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“Acting helps girl recover from brain surgery”
(Journal & Courier, 10.24.15)
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– Photo: Journal & Courier, 10.25.15
– Photo: IndyStar, 03.04.18

People in the arts

“Newfields exhibit shows nude male photos a photographer hid during his life”
(IndyStar, 09.27.18)
PDF || Online link

“Blind Melon’s chords still ring” (Journal & Courier, 12.24.15)
PDF || Online link

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