I’VE BEEN FORTUNATE TO HAVE OPPORTUNITIES TO DESIGN on tight nightly deadlines in fast-paced newsrooms. Here you’ll find a handful of my favorite sports fronts from the Kansas City Star and a special section from the Columbia Missourian.

Additional examples of my design work are the Star’s “Daily Deuce,” which is on the “Stories I’ve edited” page.

Sports Daily section covers

(Kansas City Star) || 2013-2014

2008 election guide

(Columbia Missourian) || 08.30.2008

This was part of a capstone project I created with two classmates shortly before we graduated from the University of Missouri. They supplied the stories and facts, and I designed and paginated it for a weekend cover story.

At the right (or below, if you’re on a mobile device) is the cover. The gallery shows the six inside pages in the order they were printed.

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