Quick-turn stories

I reported and wrote these stories on tight deadlines and as they were unfolding. Some required in-the-moment analysis as well, which I provided when necessary.

“Mass Ave.’s electronic ‘Ann Dancing’ needs $262,800. Here’s what’s behind that number.”
(IndyStar, 06.04.19) PDF || Online link

“Newfields responds after art critic calls it the ‘greatest travesty in the art world in 2017′”
(IndyStar, 01.04.18) PDF || Online link

Photo: From the print edition of IndyStar on 01.06.18

“Spot mural isn’t graffiti, police say”
(Journal & Courier, 11.19.15) PDF || Online link

“Unpaid deposit main reason for Styx cancellation”
(Journal & Courier, 08.29.16) PDF || Online link

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