Lessons of Royals’ drought

The Kansas City Star (10.05.2014)

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Royals’ drought print

With the Royals in a playoff race for the first time in 29 years, The Kansas City Star decided to publish additional preview and special sections each day during the Wild-Card Game, division and league series and World Series. I pitched this story — my commentary as a fan who had never seen the team make the postseason — to my editor for a Sunday section. Besides describing my experience, the piece also highlights the travails and triumphs of fans in my generation.

The story ran on both KansasCity.com and in print. Here is the online version, which was my uncut original. The thumbnail on the left, which ran in print, was trimmed to fit a tighter space in the paper.

Answering a hot-button column

Lafayette (Ind.) Journal & Courier (12.06.2015)

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JC- (w) Exponent column

Exponent column PDF

The then-opinions editor at The Purdue Exponent — an independent mostly student-run newspaper that covers Purdue University — unleashed a biting column about the school’s performing arts and culture presenting organization.

Purdue Convocations, he said, catered more to families, jazz fans and young children more than it did its own students. His piece drew a fierce backlash from the community not only because of its premise but also because he degraded downtown Lafayette.

I pitched to my editors an idea for answering column that contextualized the situation and pointed out some faulty premises without calling out the student. While this piece shows just 85 Facebook shares, it garnered many comments across a few social media platforms and still comes up in personal conversations.

Arts reporting & abstraction

“Arts Reporting and the Gradation of Abstraction”

ETC: A Review of General Semantics  (04.2008)

Author’s proof PDF

I originally wrote this essay for a journalism class on general semantics. My professor recommended that I send it to the editor of ETC, which I did, and the journal published it a few months later. In this article, I was able to utilize an analysis of language and apply it to better understand arts journalism, which has long been one of my passions. The essay also granted me the chance to critique my own writing habits on this particular subject.

*I’ve attached the author’s proof sent from the journal for ease of reading.