Video: How to play a theater organ

Lafayette (Ind.) Journal & Courier (01.14.2016)

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Instead of writing a story about the Long Center for the Performing Arts’ revered Wurlitzer theater organ, I decided to give readers an up-close view. Even those who have heard this type of instrument live likely haven’t received an insider’s look at the myriad keys and pedals.

So I asked Ken Double, president of the American Theatre Organ Society, to explain the instrument before his concert.

Video: I try Lafayette barbecue

Lafayette (Ind.) Journal & Courier (03.30.2015)

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When Darryl Richardson, owner of Mr. Darryl’s Southern Barbecue, called one day to let me know some news about his restaurant, another idea popped into my head: What if I — a Kansas City native and barbecue lover — did a story exploring the three joints in town? So I sampled some of their best dishes, wrote about my reaction, and our photographer recorded my journey.

Video: New jazz scholarship

Lafayette (Ind.) Journal & Courier (04.10.2016)

Video, photos and story at

Over the course of a few years, Greater Lafayette’s Jazz Club put together ideas and then raised money to develop a scholarship named after Tony Zamora, a community leader and jazz musician.

In April 2016, the organization selected a high school senior as the first-ever winner of the award. To capture a sense of the student and his performance, I shot and edited video, took photos and wrote a story.

*Note: Because of a technical glitch that changes volumes after the video is exported from iMovie, a producer at the Indianapolis Star adjusted the sound, and, in the process, added the JConline stamp before publishing it.

Video: School’s snow day

Lafayette (Ind.) Journal & Courier (02.24.2016)

Video, photos and story compiled by staff at

Unable to drive to work because of a heavy storm, our news director asked us to create video of scenes near our homes that told the story of a city buried in snow. I captured a school letting out early — and the excitement of one student who was trying to figure out what to do with his newfound free time.