The KC Star’s “Daily Deuce”

Deuce PDF 09.13.2011

Deuce PDF 01.04.2012

The Kansas City Star (01.04.2012, 09.13.2011)
On the right are two samples of the The Star’s “Daily Deuce,” which was the witty and brief page two of the sports section each day. I compiled the stories, edited them, wrote headlines, chose photos and designed these pages. These two examples are indicative of the dozens of Deuces I put together.

After meeting with the news editor to see which articles he recommended, I used my news judgment skills to ferret out stories from The Star’s wire services to fill the rest of the page (except for the TV and game schedules). Editing the wire material meant significant trimming and a bit of rewriting. In some cases, when our wires didn’t cover an event, I wrote short tidbits from press releases and online resources.

Working on these pages also came with a fun perk—you’ll notice my moniker under the words “Daily Deuce.”

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