Hitter’s spring success


Reinvigorated print p. 1 of 2

“Reinvigorated” print p. 1 of 2

"Reinvigorated" print p. 2 of 2

“Reinvigorated” print p. 2 of 2


The Kansas City Star  (03.29.2011)
Front page | Jump page
This centerpiece story on the Kansas City Royals’ Jeff Francoeur, which I edited, ran on the front page of the sports section. Excluding the stats and blurb underneath the subhead “The heat is on,” I also wrote all the display type—the hammer headline, deck, “Ready to Roll” box, cutlines and jump headline.

With this article, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of tying the package together with the main headline — I had to sum up Francoeur’s bumpy ride as a major-league hitter in one word. And because the size and page placement of “Reinvigorated” made it the most-read word in the section, I had to make sure it was accurate and catchy enough to lead readers into the story.

Speed and time management were key as I worked through this since I was also in charge of editing and laying out the other preseason Royals articles. In fact, after I sent this centerpiece to the news editor to proof, he expressed gratitude that I’d finished it ahead of schedule.


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