About the Columbia Missourian

The paper that taught me to write for any audience, anywhere

As you will see, many of my work samples were published in the Columbia Missourian newspaper, where I worked as a teaching assistant, reporter, copy editor and designer while earning my undergraduate degrees at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

As part of their coursework, journalism students work at the Missourian under the supervision of university faculty members who have established careers as professional journalists. Although these professors serve as editors, the students supply the reporting, editing, design, photos, graphics and multimedia that comprise the print version and the website, ColumbiaMissourian.com.

This type of coursework is intense — not only are students graded on their performance and growth at the end of each semester, but, more importantly, they must also answer to the Columbia community, even when its interests are divided.

In operation since 1908, the citywide daily is not a college newspaper, and it is not owned by the university. This allows Missourian journalists to work as part of a professional news organization and to obtain hands-on experience independently gathering news about the university and community. In fact, the real-world aspect even includes competition — it is one of two daily newspapers in the Columbia area.

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