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Arts reporting & abstraction

(ETC: A Review of General Semantics) Armed with an analysis of semantics, I critiqued the over-the-top abstraction and technical writing that can characterize classical music journalism.

Audiences & the ‘Macarena’

(University of Texas) My exploration of the globally popular “Macarena” not only fulfilled a course requirement, it also prompted discussion among classmates from several countries.

UTPAC program notes

Program notes: Beethoven

(Texas Performing Arts) In these program notes on three Beethoven string quartets, I aimed to interest and educate both expert and novice classical music listeners.

Jeanne abstract

Master’s report at UTexas

(University of Texas) For the final paper required for my degree, I focused on how a composer and poet used distance to communicate their message in the oratorio “Joan of Arc at the Stake.”