Category: News stories

Superintendent up for new job

(Journal & Courier) During a slow Sunday shift, my supervisor found out that a West Lafayette superintendent was a finalist for another position. So I quickly put together a story to break the news.

Concert location questioned

(Journal & Courier) Almost rivaling the size of Greater Lafayette’s Fourth of July celebration is residents’ preferences for where it should be held. This story compared its two locations.

Guns N’ Roses reunites

(Journal & Courier) As one of Lafayette’s own, Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose is always of interest to our readers. When he and Slash mended their rift, I wrote up a short piece that took off online.

Film critiques Wal-Mart

(Columbia Missourian) In a Wal-Mart saturated town, striking a neutral, informative tone was key to reporting on a controversial film that criticized the corporate giant.