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Fire sculpture folds in community

(Journal & Courier) A committee at Purdue commissioned the last fire sculpture designed by celebrated ceramic artist Nina Hole. Built and fired on site, only about two dozen of these pieces exist in the world. And the construction process is meant to strengthen communities.

Isbell’s relatable songwriting

(Journal & Courier) Because of his interview schedule, I had just eight minutes to talk with singer-songwriter Jason Isbell. I made my time count and ended up with a story that unpacked his introspective and relatable songwriting.

Story through opera & dance

(Journal & Courier) Choreographer Mark Morris’ production of “Dido and Aeneas” unites dancers, vocalists and instrumentalists under his baton, which gave me several points of entry for this story.

A sisterhood with depth

(Journal & Courier) Previewing a fairly new play without revealing the end isn’t easy. But when I had the opportunity to interview an award-winning playwright, I found a way to talk about the work’s depth without spoiling the story.