Volunteer firefighters graphic

Edited Graphic—Version 1
Graphic—Version with edits

Columbia Missourian  (2006)
Version with my edits | Published version

This is a copy of a graphic I edited, which includes my initial edits as well as the news editor’s when he looked at it after me.

When I checked the information against the department’s online material, I found mistakes in the station names, the math and the headings. In Columbia, Missouri, there was no such thing as the Boone County Fire Department — it was the Boone County Fire Protection District.

In the corrected version that appeared in print, all the changes were made, though the station names remained the same. Those did not end up being incorrect. After checking back with the graphic’s author before pagination, I found that some information on the city’s website was outdated. This was an excellent lesson in vetting several sources to find the correct information.

*Note: I didn’t write the headline for this graphic.

Edited Graphic—Version 1

Graphic — With edits

Editing Graphic—Final

Editing graphic — Final

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